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Relational Database Design Articles, Tutorials and Tips

Here you will find articles, tutorials and topics relating to general database design, from planning to database normalisation, naming conventions to normal forms. You will also find topics dealing with Microsoft Access database corruption, prevention and repair and articles on splitting a database, compacting a database and coverting database files. These articles apply to any version of Microsoft Access and should also cover many other RDBMS - Relational Database Management Systems.

Hopefully you will find something of interest, whether you need to learn relational database design in general, design a relational database, understand relational database terminology, or learn the best practices for implementing a relational database.

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General Microsoft Access Articles and Tutorials

Topic Date Submitted Downloadable File
Planning The Database 12/08/2002 N/A
Designing Good Databases 23/12/2001 N/A
Normalising Your Database - First Normal Form (1NF) 23/12/2001 N/A
Normalising Your Database - Second Normal Form (2NF) 23/12/2001 N/A
Normalising Your Database - Third Normal Form (3NF) 23/12/2001 N/A
Normalising Your Database - Higher Normal Forms 28/08/2002 N/A
Naming Conventions 29/08/2002 N/A
Database Design - Basic Steps 09/09/2002 N/A
Simple Database Design Tips 26/11/2002 N/A
Objectives of Good Database Design 31/07/2003 N/A
User Interface Design Tips 26/08/2003 N/A
Null Values Defined 20/11/2003 N/A
Storing Unique Database Information 08/12/2003 N/A
Relational Database Design Glossary 22/12/2003 N/A
Relational Database Normalisation Process 23/01/2004 N/A
Database Design Guidelines 10/02/2004 N/A
Database Design Requirements 11/02/2004 N/A
Database Normalisation Basics 12/02/2004 N/A
What Does NULL Mean? 11/03/2004 N/A
When to Use Denormalization 26/03/2004 N/A
Defining an Attribute Makeup 27/03/2004 N/A
Microsoft Access Specifications and Limitations

Microsoft Access 2000, XP and 2003

09/07/2004 N/A
What Makes a Good Primary Key? 29/07/2004 N/A
Database Normalization Primer 02/08/2004 N/A
A Guide To First Normal Form (1NF) 04/08/2004 N/A
Microsoft Access Database Security - Security Overview 09/09/2004 N/A
Microsoft Access Database Security Tutorial

Microsoft Access 2000 - Full 12 Part Tutorial on Access User/Group Security, Accounts, Permissions, Testing, Documenting and Distributing a Secured Application.

07/10/2004 [109 KB]
Access Database Repair and Recovery Software 17/11/2004 N/A
Normalizing Your Data 13/01/2005 N/A
Splitting a Microsoft Access Database 08/02/2005 N/A
Repairing & Recovering a Corrupt Microsoft Access Database 23/02/2005 N/A
Compact and Repair a Microsoft Access Database file 24/02/2005 N/A
Naming Conventions - Hungarian Notation 20/04/2005 N/A
Introduction to Data Modeling 29/04/2005 N/A
Microsoft Access Development - HTML Help Generator 05/05/2005 N/A
Microsoft Access vs. Microsoft SQL Server 07/05/2005 N/A
Database Corruption and Prevention 09/05/2005 N/A
Database Corruption & Repair 09/05/2005 N/A
List of reserved words in Microsoft Access

Versions 97, 2002, 2002 and Access 2003

09/06/2005 N/A
Benefits of Splitting Your Microsoft Access Database 16/06/2005 N/A
Flat File Database Design vs. Relational Database Design 16/06/2005 N/A
Data Redundancy Defined - Relational Database Design 27/06/2005 N/A
Reasons for Converting Your .mdb Files to .mde Files 29/06/2005 N/A
Why Compact and Repair your Microsoft Access Database? 30/06/2005 N/A
The Jet Sandbox - Microsoft Access 2003 Security Innovations 04/07/2005 N/A
The Jet Database Engine 18/07/2005 N/A
Turning Good Data into Good Information 18/07/2005 N/A
What is Microsoft Access? 27/07/2005 N/A
Planning a Microsoft Access Database Application 17/08/2005 N/A
Creating a Microsoft Access Application 17/08/2005 N/A
Establishing an OleDB Connection to an Access database 08/09/2005 N/A
Resetting a Microsoft Access 2003 AutoNumber 11/10/2005 N/A
Converting a Microsoft Access Database to an MDE File 17/11/2005 N/A
Validating Data in Microsoft Access 05/12/2005 N/A
Creating Event Procedures in Microsoft Access 09/12/2005 N/A
Convert Microsoft Access data to Microsoft SQL Server 14/02/2006 N/A
Microsoft Access Password Recovery Tools & Downloads 16/02/2006 N/A
Mail Merging Microsoft Access Data with a Microsoft Word Document 04/04/2006 N/A
Combo Boxes in Microsoft Access 09/05/2006 N/A
The SendObject Method of Microsoft Access 10/05/2006 N/A
Convert databases from MS Access to MySQL 17/05/2006 N/A
Select Case Statement 23/05/2006 N/A
Date Functions in Microsoft Access 01/06/2006 N/A
DLookup Function in Microsoft Access 05/06/2006 N/A
Data Integrity Techniques 09/06/2006 N/A
Using Microsoft Access Visual Basic Procedures 31/10/2006 N/A
Convert Microsoft Access .mdb files to XML 05/12/2006 N/A
Preventing Changes to your Access VBA Code 06/12/2006 N/A
Using Microsoft Access with Borland Delphi 08/10/2007 N/A
Microsoft Access and PHP 08/10/2007 N/A
Splitting Name Fields 22/10/2007 N/A
The Printers Collection and Printer Object 26/11/2007 N/A

Creating a Simple Microsoft Access Add-In

2 part article detailing how to create Add-Ins for Microsoft Access

06/12/2007 [12 KB]

Using Microsoft Access on the Web

ASP, VB Script and Microsoft Access

09/01/2008 N/A
Microsoft Access Multi-User Applications 20/02/2008 N/A
Microsoft Access Multi-User Applications – Record Locking 20/02/2008 N/A
Import XML Data into an Access Database 04/03/2008 N/A
Optimizing Multi-user Microsoft Access Applications 11/03/2008 N/A
Methods for Optimizing Multi-user Microsoft Access Applications 11/03/2008 N/A
Working with ADO.NET [Part I] 12/05/2008 N/A
Working with ADO.NET [Part II] 19/05/2008 N/A
Working with ADO.NET [Part III] 07/06/2008 N/A
Best Practices of ADO.NET 26/06/2008 N/A
Designing and Implementing a Data Access Layer 18/09/2008 N/A
Working with the New Data Source Controls in ASP.NET (Part I) 24/11/2008 N/A
Working with the New Data Source Controls in ASP.NET (Part II) 26/11/2008 N/A
Understanding ADO.NET Entity Framework 30/11/2008 N/A
Database recovery - how to repair a Microsoft Access file 01/03/2009 N/A
Creating Hyperlinks With Microsoft Access 12/04/2009 N/A
Using the DoCmd object 07/05/2009 N/A
Introducing the Microsoft Sync Framework 06/07/2009 N/A
Exporting a table from Microsoft Access to EnterpriseDB 28/07/2009 N/A
Why And How To Create A Many-To-Many Relationship 05/02/2010 N/A
Microsoft Access ADO vs. DAO 14/11/2010 N/A
Creating An Audit Trail In Microsoft Access 20/12/2010 N/A
What's New in Microsoft Access 2010 20/02/2011 N/A
What's New in Microsoft Access 2010 - part 2 20/02/2011 N/A
What’s New For Access 2010’s Ribbon 20/02/2011 N/A
Backup and Restore Process In Microsoft Access 2010 20/06/2013 N/A
MySQL Workbench For Database Migration 08/02/2015 N/A