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Microsoft Access Graphical User Interface

Database Solutions for Microsoft Access: User Interface Design Submission

The process for submitting your Microsoft Access User Interface Designs is as follows:

Each of your images should have the following information included with them:

  • Author of the design
  • Date of application
  • Tools Used to create the interface
  • Target Market/Client
  • Description of Screen Grab/Capture
  • The Actual screen image (Maximum width of 570 pixels)

Please enclose screen grabs in any of the following formats; GIF, JPG or PNG and ensure that these are large enough to allow manipulation to ensure a reasonable image will appear on the web site. If you create grabs of 100% size this will allow us to resize these to suit.

E-Mail these to and I will ensure that your hard work gets it's credit. Please advise as to whether you would like your name/e-mail address included with the images.