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Microsoft Access User Interface Sample


  • Helson Morales (HCJTechSolutions)
  • Date of application: Jan 14 2010
  • Tools used to create the database: MS Access 2010, Adobe Fireworks, Ms Paint, PowerPoint
  • Screen Captures: Login, Create User Account, Student Gen. Info., Students Past Academics, Medical History, Financial History, Class Schedules, Grades, Reports
  • Target Market: Education Institution - I have created this application for a local college to track down students information as well as academics and financial status.

    The application will generate reports, reports by giving parameters and has a login system
    which allows for new account to be generated.

    The application was developed using MS Access 2010 and I finished the application on Jan of 2010
    it took me around 2 strong weeks to get it done.

Login Screen
Figure 1. The Login Screen

Figure 2. The Create User Account screen

Figure 3. Student Enrollment Data

Figure 4. Student Class Schedule

Figure 5. Student Grades and Scores

Figure 6. Student Financial Data

Figure 7. Student General Information.

Figure 8. Student Personal Information

Figure 9. Student Medical Information

Figure 10. Student Completed Academics screen

Figure 11. Student Incompleted Academics screen

Figure 12. Student Reports screen

Figure 13. Parameter Reports screen

Figure 13. Student Phone Listing Report

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