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SQL Recovery Tool

SQL Recovery Tool: Testing Its Functionality

Databases are known to be one of the most critical component of any business enterprise. Now day’s companies store all their basic information starting from financial records to customer specific data in databases. In such cases, if database corruption occurs when you least expect it, then what would you do? If you have a tested backup restore strategy, then it can surely save your job as a database administrator. However, if you have not implemented any backup solution then it has completely gone to haywire.

Does it mean that the critical business data are gone forever? Well, things are not going to be as difficult, if you get hold of SQL Recovery utility. Come hell or high water, this tool claims to resolve your queries related to database corruption. Let us get through the performance aspects in details to know whether it will serve our purpose in the event of database failure or corruption.

Quick Specs

Download the software from the website of SysTools. The installation file has a size of 6.10 MB and it gets easily installed on the system. The version 6.1 of the application further simplifies the recovery process. Let us have a glance on its functionalities.

Understanding the Product in Details

The SQL Recovery application holds one of the most unique ways of handling the corrupted database of SQL server. It is completely a Windows based tool and is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating system including the latest Windows 8.1. It enables users to recover the corrupted or damaged MDF files of the SQL server which are also known as the primary database.

A new functionality that has been added with this tool is that you can recover SQL Server 2014 database & then export data on to it directly. Previously, it was capable of recovering and exporting data to all other earlier versions of SQL server. Another interesting functionality of this product is that database administrators can feel relieved from getting away with errors that prompt Suspect errors. The software will also repair those repairs and recover the database completely.

Some of its notable features are discussed below

  • Recovery of primary keys & foreign keys along with the table
  • Option for selective export of data from MDF files to the server
  • Supports the recovery of XML data from the corrupted database
  • Extends support for recovery of tables with user defined schemas

Functionalities of SQL Recovery Utility

Intensive Scanning Procedure: The effective scanning procedure lets you have complete recovery of SQL database. It helps you to recover database tables, unique keys, primary keys, views, stored procedure, functions, triggers, etc. It has two effective scanning procedure: Advance scan & quick scan. The advance scan lets you recover the files that are highly corrupted whereas the quick scan can be opted when the files have minimal level of corruption.

Recovery of MDF & NDF Files

Get the facility of recovering the Primary database files (MDF) and secondary database files (NDF). After the recovery of the database, you will be able to preview all the components of the recovered SQL database.

Recover Deleted Files of Database

With this piece of utility, it is possible to recover the deleted SQL tables that have been deleted accidentally or knowingly from the SQL database.

SQL Server Version Detection

The application is intelligent as it automatically detects the SQL server version from the MDF file or NDF file. It must be noted that the users must carefully select the file version as selecting the wrong file version would result in some kind of inconsistencies.

Flexible Export Options:

The database administrators have two different ways to export data with the help of this utility. They have the option to either directly export the recovered files on to the SQL Server or to save the files as SQL compatible scripts which can be later exported to SQL Server.

Export Data With/ or Without Schema

You can export the database with only schema of desired tables or procedures. However, you can also export the tables with both data and schema.

Testing and Exploring

The demo version of the SQL Recovery application is available to know it’s working in details. The trial version of the software allows you to recover all the components of SQL database and provides a preview. It does not allow saving or exporting the recovered files to SQL server.

Final Verdict

Looking at the extreme range of options and features provided by the software to ease our recovery and export process to server, I would give a rating for the SQL Recovery tool as 8/10. However, the performance aspects have really impressed me a lot and I am going to give it a rating of 9/10 for its overwhelming performance. The product has all the functionalities of offering the most reliable and secure recovery process as it does not involve any type of data loss. Having a glance on its exhibiting strong performance, and transformational working, the SQL Recovery tool rightfully serves its purpose to be called as the best one among its other competitors.